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Remapping the Self

A striking feature of these self portraits is the fact that each figure contains no face; the face has been cut out and replaced with black threads. By eliminating the feature that identifies you, the strategy interrupts the notions of beauty and being defined by your physical features. The external falls away and the internal thoughts are left exposed where the private becomes public. The works become portraits of interior landscapes.

The threads and repeated lines are the physical representation of internal thoughts and reference Jacques Derrida’s notion of the spaces in between written language; the gaps between letters, the silence between one thought to the next. In each work the thoughts keep falling, representing that inner voice which ultimately manifests in to an external representation of who you are.

Waverly Library, Bondi Junction: 29 January – 24 February 2015

Griffith Regional Theatre: 23 June – 18 July 2014

Griffith Council: 21 July – 22 August 2014

Window Gallery, Western Riverina Arts, Leeton: 25 August – 19 September 2014

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