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Grong Grong Creative House

Her Riot spent a week at The Cad Factory’s Grong Grong Creative House. During this arts lab, time was spent thinking and developing the first Her Riot installation.

Audience were invited into Room 1 of the motel to lie on the bed and watch the ‘video clip’ on the TV. “Think about how nice it is lying in bed and watching Rage on a Saturday or Sunday morning.”

Zines were available to take. Read the zine here

Each day a different artist wrote a blog entry outlining the day. Read the blog here

During the week Her Riot collaborated with another Grong Grong Creative House artist, Julie Montagarrett and the local ‘Tai Chi’ ladies; Sandra Kooper, Bron Lucas and Wendi Guy to make Grong Grong Prayer Flags. They were created to welcome people to the event with some gentle whispers and warm thoughts based on Grong Grong stories and people.

Grong Grong Motor Inn: 4 – 11 August 2013 (under the pseudonym Her Riot)

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