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Art Misadventure #3

Art can be so serious … let’s have some fun and play a game. Close your eyes, spin around, feel a little dizzy and then see what you create. Ready?

This exhibition was an inquiry into deconstructing creative practice. To explore this, the artists invited had to relinquish some control of their making and abide by a set of constraints. These constraints were designed to exercise the mind of the artist and demonstrate their ability to cope with chance, spontaneity and mystery.

Each artist chose a box that had an object inside it. They had four days to create a new work in response to it.



Elizabeth Gay Campbell, Emma Piltz, Greg Pritchard, Isobel McCallum, Jason Richardson, Jo Roberts, Julie Briggs, Kerri Weymouth, Trent Light


Curator Sarah McEwan


Roxy Art Gallery Leeton: 10 – 24 February 2013

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