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100 Notions From a Nation of Two

100 Notions from a Nation of Two is a process driven work created over 100 days by artists Vic and Sarah McEwan.

The artists captured non-traditional self portraits to highlight the constant state of flux between different emotions and consequences of past experiences which create our multi-faceted reality.

Presented as a new media sound and projection installation, the work combines traditional skills such as composition, drawing and painting, with improvisation, soundscapes and technology.

This interactive presentation allows the viewer to select days from 1 to 100 via touchscreen technology to trigger different sound and video projections.

As a ‘closing’ we invited 7 creative couples to choose a day and make a performative response to it in the exhibition space with the day they chose playing. Vic and Sarah hosted the evening which was a cross between a short performance evening, an extended artist talk and a celebration of the exhibition.

Made in collaboration with Vic McEwan

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery: 2 February – 4 April 2012

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